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New Mexico Desert

December 12, 2007 about Volkswagen Beetle

If you're not familiar with New Mexico, don't assume that just because a map shows a town ahead that (1) there are actual people living in the town (not a ghost town), (2) there is a gas station in the town or (3) any gas station is open in the evening or on weekends. I've made and been proven wrong all three of the foregoing assumptions. There is one more.

If you run out of gas in the middle of the night, don't assume that that gallon of gas that you keep in your trunk will get your 65 VW Beetle to the next town. In some parts of New Mexico, a gallon of gas won't get a little 36 hp engine to the next town. (After this last experience, I bought a 5-gallon gas can from the Army/Navy store.)

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July 19, 2011 by swejuplisline

I hope, it's OK

May 3, 2012 by Werner

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April 1, 2013 by Symona

People nomrlaly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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