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On-Board Computer Overestimates Remaining Mileage

July 17, 2012 about GMC Acadia

On a recent road trip in my 2011 Acadia (our first long trip in the car) I was keeping a close eye on the "Miles to Empty" reading on the dash. When it got to 35 miles I figured we better start looking for a gas station. After about 3-4 more miles it simply said "Low Range". I figured I was still in good shape and planned to get off at the next exit. No such luck. I didn't make it more than 4-5 miles after the "Low Range" warning came on. Ran out of gas 1 mile from the exit. Based on the values from the on-board computer I should have had at least 25 miles to go.

With my last car (Audi A4) I could drive 40 miles after the computer said "0 miles to empty". The Acadia gives no such wiggle room. If you see the "Low Range" warning it might already be too late.

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