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Optimum Mileage For 1991 Deville

May 8, 2008 about Cadillac DeVille

Drove the length of the NJ Turnpike. Best mileage was obtained with cruise control set at 60 mph. Got 28 mph, with 4.9L FI V8 running 93 octane fuel.

Average daily mileage (regular stop-and-go driving) is getting me about 22 mph.

Car has 130K miles on it. I've had it for 20K. I use only full synthetic oil (with a "high mileage" formulation).

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June 25, 2008 by steve

That is about what I get with my 1995 Deville. Same engine. I actually have been very surprised with the good mileage for a car this heavy.

August 25, 2008 by Anthony

I was setting in my driveway, running my old 1987 DeVille and the dashboard light said I had about 6 gallons in the tank and about 160 miles left, then after running it in idle in park for about 16 minutes, I came back in and sat down to check the radio and looked up at the dashboard. The miles indicator didn't give miles any more, but rather it gave me a big capital L. It still says I've got 6 gallons in the tank but give me a break, what does it mean that L means Low when the tank only holds 14 gallons in the first place? What kind of advice besides calling triple A or my beloved mechanic? tanks a lot, Anthony :P

December 22, 2016 by Irene

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