Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Out In The Boonies On “E” In 2003 Escape

April 11, 2018 about Ford Escape

We were out in the middle of the Oregon desert somewhere west of Burns when the low fuel light came on. Oh no! We called ahead to Hampton Station, no gas. Then we called Brothers, no gas. We read the stories on this site and HOPED we could make it. We drove 55. Coasted down hills. Babied it up hills. Drafted off a semi OMG suddenly we came up on a construction zone that made us stop, and we idled for a good ten minutes. Things looked grim. We were still 14 miles from the nearest station. We started keeping track of landmarks. And got out the Triple A card out. We didn’t talk. We prayed. We held our breath. The owners manual said we have a 16-gal tank. We took in 15.45 gallons! We made it ! #headingwest #coasttocoast

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June 6, 2018 by Delia

Deadly accurate answer. You've hit the buslelye!

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