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Out Of Gas

December 14, 2007 about Dodge Dakota

we were pulling our 21 foot pontoon this summer and the digital gas meter said 14 miles till out of gas and the next gas station was 20 miles nad man as soon as it read 0 the truck stopped ...no lee way at all, we had to get gas out of the boat and put in the truck to get to the gas station..so when it says 0 it means it ..hahahaha

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May 25, 2009 by sr

My DTE read 0 miles and I ran mine 40 miles from work to home, filled up the tank, 19.5 gallons and still had 1.5 gallons to empty. 18+ mpg highway light foot, 15 city, 13 mountains, 8 towing camper. Best small truck with a V8. Luv it.

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