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Out Of Gas On San Francisco Bay Bridge - Rush Hour

June 3, 2008 about Chevrolet Chevy Van

I rented a van and paid an up-front gas fee. When dropping off the van, I was trying to cut it close so that I wasn't paying for extra gas. There were 2 gas tanks in the van, both of which reported they were on empty. I figured I could make it 6 miles over the San Francisco Bay Bridge on what gas was left. However, the gas gauge was quite accurate and I started chugging and sputtering on the last uphill stretch of the bridge. I quickly switched to the reserve tank but that tank was completely empty also! I sputtered and wheezed my way into the rightmost lane but I couldn't quite make the crest of the hill. I stopped in Lane 4 of one the busiest bridges in the country, blocking traffic and causing a major outrage. Cars were cutting around me at 70-80 mph, narrowly missing my bumper. A chorus of horns and swearing erupted as cars began to get stuck and lined up behind me. Just as I thought a vigilante mob might form, a Bridge rescue truck zoomed up one lane over, and screeched to a halt in front of me. A worker jumped out, ran to the back of my van, and motioned to me to open the gas tank. He quickly emptied a one-gallon container into the tank. Before I could say anything, he shouted "Go, go, go", and everyone zoomed off. I never received any bill or correspondence regarding the incident, much less even showed a driver's license or registration. The procedure was so risky that the bridge operators can't risk even an extra second to gather information. So if you ever need a free gallon of gas, and you're willing to risk life and limb... who knows, when gas prices top out, it might be worth doing.

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December 22, 2016 by Forever

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