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Panic When Light Comes On

February 6, 2013 about Honda Odyssey

Have run out of gas twice in this car (have been driving for 30 years and never run out in any other car!). I now try to get gas within 7 miles of light coming on.

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August 6, 2013 by Arshad

Amy,I had to comment. It's a long one, but hfulopely worth the read. We just went through the same thing. Our first kid forced me to trade in my big black and beautiful Super Duty for something more family friendly. We refused to get a minivan, but my wife didn't want anything as big as the truck, plus it was back when a gallon of gas was over $4.00. I looked for a long time, did a bunch of research. We looked at the Nissan Moreno(sp?), Toyota 4Runner, Suburban, etc. I even drove a Toyota Highlander. We ended up getting the Saturn Outlook, now Chevy Traverse for a lot of reasons. First, comfortable 3rd row seating. We figured we could take out another couple and 3 kids if we wanted to, and still have enough room behind the seats for strollers, etc. The third row is easy for a full grown adult to get to when we need it, but folds down flat, most of the time, when we don't. I've made extra space in 30 seconds when it was raining. The Outlook can hold a full sheet of plywood with all the seats down. I think that's cool, but not sure you'll be as amazed. Styling. It just looks cool. There are plenty of cup holders. It feels solid inside. It's not a minivan. It looks as tough as a wanna be minvan can. Gas mileage. While not as good as the smaller Nissan, or Toyota Highlander, we've right at 20mpg in the city and mid to high 20 s on the highway. We've done the roadtrip thing and loved the iPod attachment that comes stock. I'm sure you'll get that with anything, but I have to say our Outlook was the ultimate roadtripping ride. The V6 had plenty of power to pass people going uphill on the way to Flag. Sienna = Minivan. We felt we were still too young a hip to drive a minivan. Plus, Toyota's apparently have issues with their gas pedals. Suburban = hard to park, bad on gas. As somone who loved my truck as much as a human can, the only knock I'd give it was the difficulty I had parking it. The Suburban had way too many blind spots. If you're going to spend any time downtown, you'll want to let your friends drive.

March 6, 2014 by Tuesday

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September 27, 2015 by Santiago

Hey Chris .what's going on. I hope you and the boys are well. Haven't heard from you in a while. Miss you guys! Hope you have a great holiday too!Diane

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