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December 15, 2007 about Ford Ranger

Loved my 02 Ranger FX4. Solid, comfy, 70k miles with no problems at all. But, it did tend to drink gas with the big V6, maybe 16-17 on the road. I never actually ran it out of gas, but did go 30 miles with the light on.

I traded it in on an 06 F350, diesel, crew cab, long bed, dually rear wheels. I could just about park that Ranger in this monster's bed. Funny thing is, it gets better mileage than the Ranger, at least on the highway. On the road at 60mph, it gets 20-21 mpg. And it has a hidden bonus - this F350 intimidates the hell out of even the most bloated SUV. Payback time!

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June 5, 2008 by Matt

Well dude I have a ranger and I'd love to see you fit it on the bed of that 350. So you say intimidation is your thing huh. I would DARE anyone to hit my truck because if they did then I'd just have to sue the living $#%$ out of them. Oh and good luck with the fuel prices MORON because filling that thing up is gonna run you over $100 DUHHHHHH

September 26, 2008 by Jake

Matt, you are soo cool.

November 7, 2010 by Noah

I have a 94 Ford Ranger v6 165,000 miles on it and it runs like a dream and gets around 22 City with I guess, it is hard to tell, around 25-27 highway. This is all with a check engine light on that while it isn't going to fall apart anytime soon takes off about 3 mpg from both of those numbers... I don't know what you were doing wrong with yours

August 8, 2013 by Rafael

A few gas tips; Try to fill up in the early morning berofe it gets too hot. As you are pumping you lose a lot of volume from the gas , lost in vapors fumes and evaporation. Also try to fill up when you are only half empty (or half full) Less Space to fill which will be less evaporation and fumes lost. I have also heard that if you will fill up on the slowest setting you will also get more volume in the gas. All these should give you better gas mileage. Another tip: if you see a big truck filling up the stations tanks. Don't use those pumps. Most dirt etc stays settled at the bottom of their in ground gas tanks but when the big truck has filled those tanks the force from that hose has caused all the dirt to mix in to the gas. It will take a little time to settle back to the bottom. You don't wont to pump dirt into your tank.

March 6, 2014 by Candid

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