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Rental Ford Focus Se

September 1, 2013 about Ford Focus

I was driving a rental ford focus SE 2013 with 0 miles indicated from the console. Drove about 5 miles on 45 mph speed. It was perfectly fine. But it sounded the engine is grinding a bit, since it's a rental car, who cares. :)

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December 21, 2016 by Viki

HW- Just got my copy of American Nations by Woodard.I think the reason why we have such disparate and cantankerous threads on this forum, is that we are witnessing the eleven &#;it681r2bes’ of the American Nations interacting with each other VERBALLY (well, ok in electronic print), in a medium where our ‘mutual niceness’ isn’t necessary, or has been dispensed with, consciously.Your thoughts?

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