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S-10 Blazer, Gas Level....Who Knows ?!??!

December 16, 2007 about Chevrolet S-10

My wife bought this POS from Smithfield Chevrolet in Smithfield NC before I met her. (Among the NINE (9) factory recalls (not mentioning all the other factory pisspoor design faults that the above dealership REFUSED to correct...had to carry to another dealership), was one dealing with the tank. I do not know what it entailed as I lost all interest in the scrap metal after the wonderful service we got, but whatever they did or undid; it forever fornicated the fuel guage. (remember...this was a recall so it should have FIXED a problem)

Right now we can fill up the tank and we usually start looking for a refill befoer the odometer hits 240 miles. Reason for this is the needle will not move until about 130 miles and barely budges until you past 200 miles. It then will move very quickly to 'E' and drop even BELOW the 'E' so we don't really know where the safe zone is (can't trust MPG as this junk flutuates depending on which components decide to function or NOT function...egr, etc...). I really don't have a desire to carry a container of gas and try to see how far as I'd have an inclination to douse the junk on the highway and light it. I have always pulled for GM, but because of the handling of this by the above dealership AND my attempts to resolve it with GM...I WILL NEVER BUY another GM product and especially wouldn't buy a tricycle from the crooks at the dealership.This is all documented information.

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