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San Francisco

February 5, 2013 about Dodge Dakota

so i went on a trip to San Francisco and was on my way back with some friends that i technically couldn't drive because my license wasn't full yet and i noticed my gas light popped on. my truck isn't the nicest of trucks and usually gets like 12 mpgs. and so i stopped at some gas station in Leisure Town Road, Vacaville. i put in around $3 to have more than half a gallon. so i started back home, of course in around 7 miles my light went back on. i was broke, barely even a dollar in change, and i had to get to Auburn Boulevard, North Highlands. from Leisure Town Road to Auburn Boulevard is a 39.3 mile drive. i made it 32.3 miles with a gas light on in a car that usually gets 12 mpgs. and this is why i love Bessie (my car)

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