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Scion Xd

January 30, 2016 about Scion xD

So, for some reason I noticed when the gas light started blinking and when the thing said I had 0 miles left but I still didn't stop at a gas station. Then a couple of days later my (new) boyfriend, roommates and I decided to go to trivia. I said I would drive and I would get gas while we were out so I wouldn't have to stop on the way to work the next morning. We made it about half of the way there before unexpectedly stopping in an intersection. Fortunately the car is very shark so it was pretty easy to push of the side and AAA can't pretty quickly. We made it. Later I figured out how far I had traveled since reaching 0 miles and it was about 41. Again, that wasn't after the light turned on, it was after it said I had zero miles to go. Now you know!

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February 3, 2016 by U damage your pump

Even though it's a Toyota u just shorten the fuel pump's life. But, thanks for sharing!

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