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June 25, 2007 about Toyota Sienna

When we bought our 2007 Sienna, one of the options was an overhead display with compass heading and one of the following: tempature, average MPG, realtime MPG, and estimated miles left before running out of gas. I find this last setting most helpful since it seems to be pretty accurate to within plus or minus 3 miles and it's keeps track of miles left to go. That way, I don't have to worry about remembering the milage when the ligh went on and calculating the miles left to go in my head. Also, it doesn't seem to be effected nearly as much by hard braking or accelateration which seems to effect the warning light significantly.

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June 17, 2008 by Chaim Arnstein

Are you kidding? On our 2006 Toyota Sienna, we have driven at least 20 miles with the overhead display showing "0 miles" left....

July 6, 2008 by pm

our2004 sienna guzzles gas... it gets like 20 city... but i dont wanna get another car because ill lose a lot of money (I bought it new) so i put up with it...

July 16, 2008 by dufuss

We bought a 2004 Sienna and got 29.6 average mpg on the overhead display (which we didn't reset very often). We liked it very much so we bought a 2005 Sienna with more options and side curtains for safety. The new Sienna gets only 26.5 mpg average and we drive it the same as the other.

November 15, 2008 by Alex

My 2006 Sienna FWD Limited got 18.0 mpg average after 44,000 miles in Dallas TX area. I had only made two long trips (roughly 6000 miles in total) and got about 23 mpg in the highway (average speed was usually slightly over 70 mph). I had only tried one time of running 20 miles after 0 miles range showing up but I could only fill slightly more than 19 in the 21 gallons tank. I do not use premium gas because I do not look for performance in acceleration. Also, there are only about 20,000 miles with carrying more than 2 people in this van. A/C are on to the 72 to 74 degrees with internal circulation about 7 months of a year. Heater are on about 3 months a year. Windows and sunroof are closed most of time. I checked my tire pressure about once a month and I usually had to add 2 PSI back into the 35 PSI. I am light on throttle and running about 5 mph above the speed limit to keep up with the traffic. I am no faster acceleration then other drivers for the red light starting. I also tried to brake as light as I could all the times. Thus I am not sure how other people can get the 30% better gas mileage than mine.

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