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May 8, 2014 about Chevrolet Cruze

We purchased what we thought was a new vehicle on 2/15/14 from Brad Fenton in Ardmore. We made 3 trips to Ardmore to finalize the paperwork, due to them making mistakes, no fault of our own. They were kind enough to fill our gas tank and provide us with T-Shirts and hats as well as 2 free oil changes. When we were finished signing the paperwork at Brad Fenton on 2/20/14, they handed us an envelope and told us everything we needed to register the car was in the envelope. 28 days later we went to our local tag office to get our vehicle registered, the paper plate was expiring in a few days and we were told that we needed the original title in order to tag the vehicle (this is the first vehicle we have purchased in Oklahoma, therefore we did not know we needed the title). We are from Arizona, when you purchase a vehicle in Arizona and there is a lien on the vehicle you do not receive a title, only a registration. We immediately began calling Brad Fenton and we were told by Brandy, the title officer (not very friendly either) that the title had been sent out and we should have already received it, therefore we waited, watched the mailbox daily, to no avail.The documents in the folder handed to us were the previous owners insurance documents (which I am sure were no longer valid). I fortunately added the vehicle to our insurance the day after we made the purchase, even though the dealer is supposed to supply 30 days worth of insurance. What would have happened if we would have been in an accident prior to putting our insurance on the vehicle, I shutter to think of how Brad Fenton would have handled that. We made 67 phone calls to Brad Fenton, we spoke to I am sure every person that works there at one point or another and 65 phone calls were left unanswered. On 4/10/14 my husband called Brandy again and Brandy told him the title was sent, it was not their problem and recommended us to call fed ex. Call fed ex with what, no tracking number no further information was given and there was nothing further she could do for us. The very next day a miracle happened, Brandy called my husband and stated the title was on her desk and she was putting it in the mail immediately, no apology, no admittance of any wrong doing, no anything but an unkind attitude and basically we are done with you. 5 days later, we had still not received the title, again we called the dealer and Brandy again was not nice, (no one has been nice since the last day we left with the car), and Brandy again stated that she mailed it when she spoke to him 5 days prior and she was done. The very next day we received the title (postmarked the prior day from Ardmore). We almost fell over. We opened the title and it is stamped April 10, 2014, therefore there is no way the title could have been sent to us prior to that date. The next day we took the title to the tag office and we were told that was another lien on the title from December of 2013 and the tag office advised us not to register the vehicle in our names as we would assume responsibility for that lien. We once again started calling Brad Fenton, spoke to the General Manager, he assured us he would call us back and he would get it taken care of. He did call us back that evening, this was a Friday, he stated it was a clerical error and he would have it resolved the next day. That is the last contact we have had with anyone at Brad Fenton. We have done everything we were supposed to do, given money, a vehicle, signed papers twice, made 3 trips to Ardmore, countless phone calls and no one at Brad Fenton cares. We are not rich people, we are working class people that try our best to do everything the right way and the treatment we have received from everyone at Brad Fenton has just been unacceptable. We have contacted the local news teams KTEN and KXII, I am sure they can help us get this situation resolved. We have also made phone calls to local attorneys for their advice on how we should proceed at this point. I hope that no one ever has to go through what we have went through to buy a new car. What was supposed to be a happy time, turned into stress, grief and aggravation and Brad Fenton does not care one bit!!! I am putting our names on this to see if Brad Fenton will care now. James Settle and Amy Duge

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February 9, 2015 by John

But how far can you drive the car after the light comes on?

August 23, 2015 by Ralph Fuller

I have had the same thing happen. I bought a 2015 GMC 2015 from Gateway Buick GMC of St Louis on 28 Mar 15 and still do not have the title. I can not plate the car. I am driving on dealer plates. Lots of phone calls and emails to the dealer but still no title. Never will I go to this dealer again. Thank you Ralph Fuller

December 22, 2016 by Kerryn

I agree. She's so viciously awesome. The weird thing about her is, I don't really think she's all that atvctraite, but for some reason she really turns me on. And her music is awesome.

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