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Useless Fuel Light

May 8, 2008 about Dodge Dakota

My '98 Doge Dakota (2.5L 4 cylinder)has a fuel light that would come on when the truck was at 1/8 tank. That's freakin' useless. I want to know when the needle is on empty when to hurry to the station because of the glow of the fuel light. When the tank is at 1/8, I know it's low enough to think about getting gas. I don't need a light to tell me what I can plainly see on the guage. When the needle is pegged and the light goes on (on most cars) you better not waste time filling up.

I think Dodge was designing that with idiots in mind.

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July 17, 2008 by matt d

Yea I have the V6 version of yours same year and the gas light is useless, It says it comes on with three gallons left, good for the 11 gallon tank but with the 22 gallon, 1/8 is roughly 4 gallons so the light is stupid

March 9, 2011 by Stacy

The '99 Dakota has the same problem. When my light comes on, I have approximately 5 gallons of gas left in the tank...

September 27, 2015 by Dkls

Good Day ,May i use this mindium to ask for am actissase from you i bougth dodge caliber from the USA back to my country Nigeria for mouths now but last week i had am accident. please how can one get some of this parts in nigeria or your company have service centers in nigeria.if any do reply and address location for one to fix it up

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