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Vancouver Island -2- Kamloops. B.C.

July 13, 2011 about Volkswagen Passat

Hi there, We usually fuel up on the morning of departure for the ferry crossing from Victoria. The Passat Wagon (2009.) has a 70-ltr. tank. It is a tad over 800k's to Kamloops and we have managed several trips on Hwy-5, the Coquihalla. Usually with cruise on & off for sections. 115kph - 125kph is the norm. Fueling up in Kamloops at the Costco gas bar we are close to 66- 68 ltrs of fuel for the fill. So, it can be done but there is not much left in the tank. This is a 2.0T - (Turbo) & a 6-speed Tiptronic. Two passengers and luggage and gear. The Passat is a great road car & is easy to be lulled into higher highway speeds. Sincerely, Brian K. Brown - (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.)

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