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Went 5 Miles After -0- Gas Reading

October 8, 2012 about Ford Freestyle

I was down to my last 10 miles of gas when I exited from the highway into the Ohio rural countryside hoping that my GPS was taking me to the closest gas station. My GPS said 5 miles down the road, but upon arriving I discovered that the store didn't sell gas. With 5 miles of gas left according to my digital gas reading, I started driving to the next station listed on my GPS. But when the reading fell to 3 miles, I was worried that gas station might also be a figment of my GPS' imagination, so I chickened out, and returned to the original store that didn't sell gas. With -0- to 1 mile left, I was shaking all over, worried I would be stuck here without gas. The clerk offered no help, but told me there was a gas station about 5 miles away, and wished me luck. Shaking and scared to death, I drove on the neutral setting as much as possible, thinking for sure that the car would stall. Thank God, I made it to the BP 5 miles away, and filled the tank all the way. When I started the car, the engine light went on, and the car was giving me some problems initially, as it was very slow to move forward and making a lot of noise. But, it was moving, and so long as I wasn't stopping the car, once I reached 55 mph on the highway, it kept going. After about an hour of driving, when I reached our destination, I shut off the car, and when I turned it back on, the car went back to normal, engine light went off, and haven't had any problems since.

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