Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Wife Runs Out All The Time, Every Month.

December 17, 2007 about Oldsmobile Silhouette

There isn't a month that goes by without a phone call from my wife wanting me to bring her some gas. Her gas light goes on and she resets the trip odometer. The first time this happened, we were travelling from Charlotte, NC to my parents in Ohio. A non-stop drive of just over 600 miles. I topped off the tank and rocked the van to get more in, visually seeing the gas at the filler neck. Off we went and roughly 10 hours later, about 59 miles from my parents house, the gas light went on. She reset the trip "A" odometer and we went 56 miles, three mile from my parents house and in the middle of "Farm Country". We found a passing farmer and he took me to his farm, filled up a 5 gallon can and put it in the van. We drove the rest of the way to my parents and told them of our adventure. They new the farmer and called to thank him.

Now, in town driving, it ranges from 28-36 miles. This is why she constantly runs out of gas. She is expecting to get the 36 miles, but in the summer with the AC blowing and the stop and go traffic, she doesn't always make it to the gas station. I have taken her van from the house to the gas station probably 5 times during 2007 and have run out IN the neighborhood.

She has 160,000+ miles on her Silhouette and knows how to pump gas, it is just an inconvenience to have to stop during her busy day as a mortgage broker.

Even with all of my inconveniences leaving work to get her gas, she is a wonderful wife and mother. And, the best part is, she doesn't have to go shopping to be happy.

I'm just hoping her van last a really long time, because if she gets another vehicle that doesn't get near the range, I am going to be out of work alot.

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