Tank on EmptyTank on Empty


June 25, 2007 about Ford Crown Victoria

Talk about a wing and a prayer,,my car was running on fumes , on my way home the morning after a (retired) military gathering at the servicemens club in Burlington nj. It was already stalling out so i neded GAS....tok the oframp into yardville to look for a station when i econterd a group of teenagers and a police shoot out,,,,,my car made it back to the street at least 6-8 mi before reaching the interstate highway, made it all the way to the on ramp, heading south, ready to merge into 4 lanes of heavy traffic, LaborDay 1975, before the last fumes were spent....empty........i was unconscious for a moment..my car landed upsidedown in the meridian MIRACULUS RECOVERY all survived do to good steering and management of The Crown Victoria ..GOD.. and My Guardian Angel.....FoxxxeMamma#@aol.com

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