Tank on EmptyTank on Empty


June 25, 2007 about Ford Crown Victoria

I owe my life to The Crown Victoria,,,,It protected me and my small child and cat from serious injury , it was like driving a tank when the gas ran out, no power steering, forget the brakes..... i was along the side of a mountain, no where to go except the traffic ,,,there was enough power to get me across the two lanes going south into the middle and stop dead before hitting the 2 lanes of traffic going north...AMEN [email protected]

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August 6, 2013 by Raynelle

Hope you had a wonderful bidrathy. I enjoy reading your family's blog. You are very blessed to have such a precious family. I had the pleasure of meeting you all last spring at the economics conference and you all were as sweet in person as you are on your blog!Victoria

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