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You Have Got To Be Kidding

December 14, 2007 about Mercedes-Benz R Class

My husband and I purchased our beautiful new Mercedes R 350 days before going to Florida to see friends and family. We filled up in Atlanta and then somewhere on the road, but only part of the way (I guess waiting for cheaper gas prices?). We knew we needed gas, but went to visit a friend in the "county" and did not know the area well. After leaving our friend's in the middle of nowhere, we managed to run out of gas on a main road. So, here we sit with our brand new (the temp tags days old) in the middle of the country. It took about an hour to get rescued (it is apparently hard to find premium in the land of old trucks). This is not something that I let my huband live down. He swears that we had just hit empty -- so beware R class drives!

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