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September 7, 2013 about Honda Civic

I drove about 20 miles on zero ticks my heart was racing though lol

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September 27, 2015 by Masato

I am not receiving maseegss from one of my contacts which is listed in favorites..I have saved the persons number with full code..before I used to receive her msgs but now all of a sudden it stopped.I dont understand this problem.and also when she sends me the msg.she gets the 2 green marks too indicating it got delivered to me..but I dont find any msgs of hers..Could you please help me out..

December 24, 2015 by Pavlovna

Lisa-Yes, this would be my cookie dough and the elves did help. lol I know it is like we get a chcane to peer into each others homes, worlds, and thoughts~ Crafty people have similar genes, it bonds us together! Maybe we are related ;-D YOU still could be a party planner...Hope 2011 is a better year for you! xXxMichele-I look forward to what else you come up with next year! It is fun to see your art and read your view of the world! xXxJenny-I am sad to hear that; Art does help release some of our emotional baggage.It allows us to be connected, with our inner selves and find joy or release frustration. I am happy I found you and you are making art part of your world! I hope 2011 is better~xXxWanda-It has been a blessing to peer into your life, your words inspire so many. You write from the heart, it is a gift~ I look forward to what you will do next~ xXxJules-I also support you with heart n' mind! It has been an unique year, for me.Somehow I think you might agree! Keep working at your craft; I love reading your blog!xXxI'll be better about visiting more often~Sherry-I still don't know where I found you, but I am so glad I did. You have such a generous spirt,so supportive n' kindhearted. One of your gifts is writing from the heart! I know when I visit you, I will be touched, I will smile, nod my head in sadness or cry. I look forward to getting to know you better! Please, work on your book, I love all the tales you told of your family history! You are a writer, a poet and an amazing soul! xXxAlex-Thank you,coming from you that means a lot! xXx

December 22, 2016 by Chris

That's a we-lothought-lut answer to a challenging question

June 6, 2018 by Snow

I'll try to put this to good use imetliaemdy.

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