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400.5 Miles On A Tank

August 1, 2011 about Subaru Impreza

In 2005, when gas hit $4 the first time around, I really took it easy on the gas and the speed, sometimes going 5mph under the posted limit. I was able to coax 400.5 miles out of the tank before getting really nervous and having to stop and fill up. I think I figured 28mpg and that was a mix of city and highway. The best mileage I've ever recorded with my car is 30.4, total highway about 70mph tops. I'm original owner of my 02, and now have 162,000 and haven't been to the dealer since it's 2nd birthday. An awesome vehicle! Oh, and I tow a trailer with it, 1000lbs day in and day out for work, still get 20+mpg city/hwy mix.


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